Beebob was born on 27.04.2002 together with 5 brothers and sisters in the highlands Harz. He was our first dog and a happy companion for his whole life. He is a  merry hound whose essential pride is to hunt by following a scent. As an bold dog, with great activity, stamina and determination, he follows us everywhere we go. Beebob was an intelligent dog with a good temperament. He was too all human and dogs amiable and alert and showing no aggression or timidity. 

From the beginning he visited the dogschool and did not always make it easy for us, because he likes to make his own decisions. He is loving and lovable, happy, and companionable, just a hound dog. With his bright, intelligent and balanced nature, he has all qualities that makes them excellent family dog. He was and is the darling of the family and pursued his goals with determination and toughness.

Beebob is full of fun, enthusiastic and always ready for any sort of activity. With is cleverness and kindness, he perfectly complemented our pack. An curious, clever, and energetic hound who require plenty of playtime. With his absolute social compatibility, every contact to other dogs was easy and without any problems. He was always hungry and liked to catch up an extra treat.  

Beebob vom Lautenthal