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🐕 Back in dogshow

After a long break, we went again to an dogshows in the beautiful Switzerland. Inja presented herself to the judges with great joy and enjoyed running round after round. Her results in championclass:

🇨🇭CACIB & CAC Kreuzlingen🇨🇭

CAC - judge: Stepinski, Andrzej (PL)

🍾 excellent 1, CAC, BOB, Best IN GROUP 🏆

CACIB - judge: Christine Rossier (CH)

🍾 excellent 2, res. CAC, res. CACIB is an full one 🏆

🇨🇭CACIB & CAC Genf🇨🇭

CAC - judge: Mr. Gerardo A. Paolucci (AR)

🍾 excellent 4🎖/8

CACIB I- judge: Mr. Rune Fagerström (FI)

🍾 excellent 2🥈/8, res. CAC 🏆

CACIB II- judge: Mrs. Karin Van Klaveren

🍾 excellent 4🎖/9

CACIB III- judge: Mrs. Orit Nevo (IL)

🍾 excellent 3🥉/ 10

I am so proud of my girl.❤️

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