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🏖 We went on vacation

Once a year we also go on vacation for us. This time we went to the beautiful Baltic Sea. We were able to enjoy the beautiful beach and the beautiful sea to the fullest in the best weather. We were able to chop off the first program item "ddling through the Baltic Sea once" quickly. The second "swimming" on the other hand is difficult. First there were these funny waves and then it tasted salty. But you could still cool your feet. And we all fully fulfilled the last point "suns" until we were brown 😂. What don't you do for a beautiful complexion? In between, the four-legged neighbors were checked out and sometimes played with them, but only if they were nice. All in all, it was a mega successful holiday, because Germany is also beautiful. With this in mind, we wish you all a great summer and are already impatiently waiting for autumn

Kind regards, your Inja

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