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We are expecting our puppies at the end of April!

Interest? Feel free to get in touch.

Welcome to Red Kosi

"Red Kosi" means "red king" in the Bantu language Zulu and reflects exactly this dignified character and the royal appearance of the breed. Name giver is the UNESCO-World Heritage "Kosi Bay", which is located on the east coast of South Africa and is still one of the wild and original regions of South Africa. 

The goal is this originality and the properties of the

Rhodesian Ridgebacks to preserve. It is in the hands of responsible breeders to conserve and maintain the original being and its South African roots with all its history. 

Red Kosi Inja und NIA.jpg

You can live without a dog,

but it's not worth it

Heinz Rühmann

Get to know about the dogs

Together with our two bitches Inja and Nia we are living our dream. They are our companions, closest friends and part of the family. With their strengths and weaknesses, they enrich our lives every day.  


Our offspring

We are very proud of our offspring and the now close relationships with their families.

We keep getting great pictures, which of course we want to show you. 

Red Kosi Puppies.jpg


Red Kosi Inja und Nie Feld.jpg
Inja und Nia RedKosi 1.JPG
Nia Red Kosi.jpg
Nia  Red Kosi 2.jpg
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