We, that's Yannick, Mailin and our bitch Inja. Together we live in the town Bad Kreuznach, in an romantic valley, surrounded by vineyards, meadows, forests and fields. ​

This area offers everything what the dog heart need, from beautiful Mittelrheintal to National Park Hunsrück-Hochwald.

A ideal point of departure for our furry friend through the woods and mountains,

The spectacular nature always keep ready for new adventures. 

The diversification for our furry friends is very 

important, that we have a

faithful and friendly companion.

Whether we go to Munich, Brussels, London or Frankfurt, Inja is always there and had a lot of fun. 

You can also find us every week on the dog space for making trainings in a mentally and physically way.

Therefore our focus is on a healthy human-dog relationship.

Our first dog came to us for more than 18 years.

A male Beagle, called Beebob was our active and loyal companion. We had a happy and exciting time with him for more than 14 years. 

We grew up together and do not want to miss this time. But when he left us, it was too empty and quiet, so we decided to take our little girl Inja. Our love too hounds is so big, that we decided us for the "red lionhunter with the Ridgeback".

Impressed from the elegant appearance and the sovereignty, we met for the first time a Rhodesian Ridgeback on a farm in South Africa. From the first moment we were impressed of the character and get an impression of their desire to work.  

This enthusiasm continues to this day and so we came to the decision to become a breeder.

A life without a dog is unimaginable for us.