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Breeding is love and responsibility

Security, happiness and a lot of heart

Breeding is a matter of the heart and passion for us.

Our puppies grow up very close to us and are integrated into our everyday lives like family members. You will be looked after around the clock. From the beginning an they are shaped by everyday stimuli and the home environment. They grow up in a safe and species-appropriate environment, which offers ideal conditions for rearing.


Our guidelines

Health, zest for life and energy

We breed under the association DZRR (Deutsche Züchtergemeinschaft Rhodesian Ridgeback eV) of the VDH/FCI. Our primary breeding goal is the physical and mental health of the Rhodesian Ridgeback  to maintain and promote.

When they are eight weeks old, our puppies are examined by an experienced breed warden from the DZRR and provided with an acceptance report for the future puppy parents. When they are handed over, the puppies have been vaccinated several times, dewormed, microchipped and equipped with an EU pet passport.

Rhodesian Ridgeback - Red Kosi - Inja in der zweite Woche - Puppy - Welpe

Our loving upbringing

Part of our family

The puppies are only given into suitable hands, so choose we the future Familys  carefully. We would like to continue to follow the development of the little ones and see them grow up. Therefore, we would like to get to know future puppy parents personally and find out how they imagine life with a Rhodesian Ridgeback. The well-being of our puppies is very important to us, so we want people with a lot of time, empathy and enough patience. Even after the delivery, we would like to be at your side with advice and action on the subject of dogs and look forward to being able to follow the development of our protégés. If you are seriously interested and have given good thought, we look forward to hearing from you. 

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