Nash & Inja


Red Kosi Inja
The B-litter with our female Rhodian Red's Diamond Amber Inja and the male Ave Caesar Great Galaxy is expected at the beginning of September 2022. 

When it comes to future puppies, we attach great importance to breeding healthy, strong-natured family companions who are shaped by us from as many environmental stimuli as possible right from the start.

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Ave Caesar Great Galaxy

Ave Caesar Great Galaxy

Named Nash, is an expressive and extremely confident male. He rests in himself and is unimpressed by environmental stimuli. Exactly the potential that we hope for the puppies. He lives with other Ridgebacks with his owners and breeders Elena and Willy Johansson in beautiful Sweden. A lovable rogue who enjoys excellent health with his exquisite appearance. There is a true hunter in him, which is why he can adorn himself with the title "Blood tracking champion of Sweden".
With its excellent appearance, the decision was not difficult. He is a substantial and strong-boned male who is very compatible with humans and dogs.  

Pedigree of the puppies

Pedigree Welpen B-Wurf _edited.jpg

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