Rhodian Reds Diamond Amber Inja
Rhodian Reds Diamond Amber Inja

Rhodesian Ridgeback Zucht Inja
Rhodesian Ridgeback Zucht Inja

Rhodesian Ridgeback Zucht Inja
Rhodesian Ridgeback Zucht Inja

Rhodian Reds Diamond Amber Inja
Rhodian Reds Diamond Amber Inja


Inja is characterized by her good-natured, attentive and gentle personality. She has a fast understanding with high intelligence and a great willingness to learn. As a faithful soul, she loves close social contact with her people and requires her cuddles. But even as a powerful dog she pursues with her pronounced assertiveness and mental strength their interests and keep watch over her empire. She explores her environment full of inquisitiveness and intrepidity, but stays always carefully. With their extreme social compatibility, any meet with other dogs is so easy. Of course it is not a problem for her to subordinate to other people or dogs. Despite her hunting instinct, she is always controllable and can be called up at any time, because she is dependable.

Inja is a correctly built, elegant and typey bitch in excellent condition. Her feminine appearance is completed by her watchful character. She is a bitch from medium sized with excellent bone strength and healthy substance. With a powerful back, a deep chest and perfect angulations with strong bones, she fulfills the classic standard of the Rhodesian Ridgeback. Her movement is characterized by an filling and free motion. With her red wheaten-colored coat, a white badge on her chest and a perfect ridge, she emphasizes her outer qualities. So she fulfills all race-typical characteristics and is an excellent representative of her race. The most amazing girl in the world and my most faithful companion in all situations.

She grew up together with ten other siblings in Germany. In her pedigree you found very successful dogs, which have influenced the breed sustained. On the paternal side, there are bloodlines from Canada, Norway, Australia and America that have produced very healthy and breed-typical ridgebacks. So here is to mention her extremely successful dad C.I.B. Multi. Ch. Artaban Cieply Dom and her grandfather BISS, BPISS, Can.Ch. The Black Pearl of Course from Canada. On the maternal side the excellent bloodlines are shown in her great-grandmother Mavunguela's Vuana, which have bring forth many successful offspring.

Inja has passed all health checks for breeding:


Date of Birth: 02.06.2016

Sire: Multi. Ch. Artaban Cieply Dom

Dam: Rhodian Red´s Beautiful Amber

Height: 61 cm

Weight: 34 kg

Full-toothed scissors dentition 


ED 0

OCD neg.

Spondylosis free


D-Lokus D/D

Hemophilia B free (N/N)

JME clear (N/N)

DNA profile avaible

Inja passed the breeding-exam on 28.9.2019.

C.I.B. MCh. Rhodian Red´s Diamond Amber Inja