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Diamond Amber Inja
Our packleader

Inja is characterized by her good-natured, curious and friendly nature. She is a docile bitch who learns quickly and is willing to learn. As the pack leader, Inja leads her pack confidently, with strong will and calmly.  

She explores her environment with curiosity, but always remains cautious. Due to their extreme social compatibility, every encounter with conspecifics is unproblematic.

Our faithful soul loves close social contact with us  and demands their cuddles. She loves to relax in the sun and watch the hustle and bustle. She is passionate about walking in the forest and loves to sprint through the foliage. 

Despite the slight hunting instinct, she always remains controllable and can be called at any time, because she can be relied on. your wild ursprimrliche Seite with their assertiveness and pronounced willpower make them so fascinating. She is our Heart dog. 


Name: Rhodian Red's Diamond Amber Inja

Born: 06/02/2016

Size: 64 cm

Weight: 34kg

Complete scissor bite 

X-ray: HD A1, ED 0, OCD free

Spondylosis: free

JME: free (N/N)

Degenerative myelopathy (DM): clear (N/N)

Hemophilia B: clear (N/N)

D-locus: homozygous undiluted coat color (N/N)

DNA profile available

Breeding license passed


Excerpt breeding license:


Inja is a correctly built, elegant and typey bitch in excellent condition. Her feminine appearance is completed by her watchful character. She is a bitch from medium sized with excellent bone strength and healthy substance. With a powerful back, a deep chest and perfect angulations with strong bones, she fulfills the classic standard of the Rhodesian Ridgeback. Her movement is characterized by an filling and free motion. With her red wheaten-colored coat, a white badge on her chest and a perfect ridge, she emphasizes her outer qualities. So she fulfills all race-typical characteristics and is an excellent representative of her race. The most amazing girl in the world and my most faithful companion in all situations.

Inja's achievements and titles

CIB Champion International de Beaute

German Champion VDH

Slovak Champion 

Hungarian Champion

Hungarian show champion

CRUFTS 2019 / Open Class / VHC

Crufts Qualifier 2019, 2020

Rhineland-Palatinate winner 2018

Rhineland-Palatinate Youth Winner 2017

Best bitch, BOB, BISS, special show OE 2017

multi BOB, Best in Group I/II/III & BISS

Working test: BH/VT


Pedigree Inja
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